FORUM Energy Technologies outfits/supplies certain equipment with patent pending RFID Technology. This technology allows for easy real-time access to pertinent equipment information and technical documentation anytime, anywhere. The database is accessible via the internet or mobile application.

Tier I Access – General Access

Customers opting for basic access will be assigned and issued login information to the database provided for assets/equipment within their custody. Once logged into the database, the customer will be able to:

  • View all owned assets
  • View, download and print all original documents associated with their particular assets
  • View, download and print all repair/recertification documentation performed by Forum.

Tier II Access – User Accesss

Customers opting for advanced access as a system user will have the full functionality of Tier I Access yet will be able to manipulate all equipped assets that they own. Additional functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Link equipment with internal asset/serial numbers
  • Assigning Inspection and Certification due dates and reminders
  • Attaching Internal Inspection Checklists/Documentation
  • Managing Asset Locations
  • Assigning Internal Asset/Serial Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if my equipment has RFID?
Tags are embedded and clearly marked (“RFID”) on equipment in inconspicuous locations generally at the upper visible portion of the equipment.

What type of RFID tag are we using?
The RFID tags used in Forum equipment operate on the UHF Frequency.

How can I scan the tag?
Standard NFC UHF Frequency Reader (available through Forum).

What is on the tag/chip??
The chip identification number is the only information physically on the chip. All other information is stored on the cloud-based database associated with the chip identification number. .

Whom do I contact to inquire about Tier I or Tier II access?
Forum Sales personnel can help with ForumID access and information.

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